We practice long term regenerative farming with a little old-time tradition that is good for our land, its wildlife, and our community. From the moment the coffee seed touches the soil, until the moment it’s in your cup, it goes through a strict quality control process.  Our FROM GROUND TO CUP journey allows us to control every aspect of the process – the cultivating, harvesting, processing, drying, milling and roasting. It also gives us a better understanding of the importance of timing and logistics to bring you the most amazing freshest coffee.

All our coffee is shade grown under natures forest canopy and ecosystem. We only use natural pesticides that are environment friendly and have zero negative impact on wildlife and human health.

Every year we select the best arabica coffee trees, extract the seeds from the coffee beans and use them to replenish our farms. We hand select harvest only the dark red cherries when they are at peak ripeness. Our pickers will rotate and return to same area a few days later, again only choosing the cherries that have ripened. Then, the coffee is processed immediately and dried on patios or African beds on the farms.

For the milling process we use a hulling machine that removes the parchment layer from the bean. A separate machine does the grading and sorting by weight and size. In addition to passing the coffee beans through the machines, we also visually check for flaws and imperfections.

Having our own roasting facility allows us to experiment and create with bean type, origin, process’ and roasts. We specialize in creating unique blends that bring a taste of El Salvador to your cup.

One of the most valuable part of the process is customer engagement in our cafes’.  We listen with the intent to understand what they want and expect in their cup of coffee. Opening the cafes was the last step, but it is so vital to our FROM GROUND TO CUP journey.

When we say FROM GROUND TO CUP, we simply mean just that, FROM GROUND TO CUP. You can taste our passion and commitment to the process while celebrating an exceptional cup of 100% Salvadoran coffee.

We are the Farmer, the Miller, the Exporter, the Roaster & the Barista.