Corporate Social Responsibility

One of our proudest accomplishments is our workforce diversity. Our upper management and supervisory positions are held by women. Currently, gender equality within our companies is a 50/50 ratio. This has greatly improved our team productivity, efficiency, and total wellness of our companies. We promise to continue to act conscientiously to better our workforce diversity, economic development and improve the quality of life of our employees, their families, and our communities.

We are partnering with our fellow coffee farmers to help alleviate systemic poverty in El Salvador’s coffee sector. For those who meet our strict guidelines for safeguarding the environment, we can offer to pay more for their production. We do this with the intent to roast and package it in our roasting facility, then sell it. This gives us a huge advantage because selling roasted coffee is more profitable as opposed to selling green coffee, which allows us to turn around and pay more to the small farmer.

We need farmers to be able to renovate and replenish their farms without struggling between feeding their families or managing the farm, they need both. We need healthy coffee farms. We need economic stability to keep farmers and their children on the farms where today’s youth can find it beneficial to stay and be the future of the business. They should stand up for old-time traditions passed down through generations, but with new eyes, new concepts, new innovative ways to keep our coffee industry thriving while still protecting the environment. Moreover, those who do not meet our strict guidelines, we mentor and teach how they can work towards long term sustainability. We are committed to proactively protect our natural environment, improve the quality of life for our people and revive El Salvador’s coffee industry.